Lake Bar and Relaxation Zones

There’s a lot of places to take a time out at the KOLLERS – from high-quality wooden decking, to the Lake Bar or to our own island.

In the mornings, the most beautiful place is surely on the lake pool’s Bankirai wood decking, with views of the lake, majestic in the morning mist, watching the sunrise over the Mirnock mountain. Plus, following a dip in the heated water, why not snuggle up in one of the Orbits – mussel-shaped sofas for two right on the lake – or sit on the ‘stone cage’, a wooden bench surrounded by large pebbles? Plunge your feet into the warm sand while relaxing on the loungers on the sauna house decking or on the raft on the hotel beach.
The decking at the beach, the boathouse and the lake sauna with panoramic glazing offer stunning views. 120m out in the lake lies the sandy island and, in the beach bar, refreshments and snacks are served which you can enjoy in the shade of the magnolia trees at the pool.