Relax on the Water

Find your inner peace on our own spa boat.

Find your inner peace on our own spa boat.
Text: A unique feeling… enchanting tranquillity at the heart of the lake, with only the relaxing rhythm of the waves crashing gently against the boat’s hull to accompany you.
The elegant MS KOLLERS Swan is anchored in front of the hotel. Once used as a liner for journeys across Lake Millstatt, we have converted the boat into a stylish relaxation area.
Our own boat with an exclusive sun deck, bean bags on a mahogany floor and comfortable lounges bow and stern, both with steam chimneys.
Even if the weather doesn’t play ball, you can find your retreat here and, if you’re lucky enough, you can even set sail. Every now and then, the relaxation boat leaves its safe moorings on the hotel beach and takes our guests on a mystery tour, the host taking the helm and accompanying you on your voyage.