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Body treatments
Body treatments
Nourishing body ritual25 minutes
45.00 €
Cleaning with peeling glove| gentle deletion with grapeseed oil| nourishing grape cream| especially for dry skin
Anti stress massage50 minutes
72.00 €
Relaxing massage for back, head, neck, hand and foot
Vinoble relaxation ritual for body, mind and soul75 minutes
94.00 €
Salt & grape seed scrub| full body massage
Cosmetic treatments
 Legs to the knee
43.00 €
 Full Leg
58.00 €
 Upper Lip/ Chin
17.00 €
Beauty treatments for women and men
Vinoble Refresh25 minutes
52.00 €
Facial cleansing| peeling| Facial massage| Mask by skin type| final care
Vinoble Classic50 minutes
80.00 €
Facial cleansing| peeling| Face massage with serum| Mask by skin type| final care
Vinoble Deluxe75 minutes
125.00 €
Facial cleansing| peeling| Concentrate cocktail| Facial massage| Eye Care| Special Mask| Final care| Vinoble praline
Vinoble visibly20 minutes
34.00 €
Facial cleaning| ampoule| Eye Gel| Eye mask with eye compress| Eye cream
Vinoble Pure Face50 minutes
129.00 €
Cleansing| exfoliation| essence| concentrate| eye care| facial massage with mask| Final care
Facial Massage20 minutes
38.00 €
Cleaning | massage | final care
Facial lymphatic drainage25 minutes
47.00 €
Facial cleansing| lymphatic drainage| final care
 Eyelash Tinting
21.00 €
 Eyebrow Tinting
17.00 €
 Eyebrow Plucking
11.00 €
 Tinting of eyelash & eyebrow
35.00 €
Wellness for your hands and feet
Pedicure with barrique wine bath
57.00 €
Unfortunately, far too often the average treatment programs generally neglect the feet – although your feet perform the majority of strenuous life-long task of carrying your entire body weight.
Just try one time to indulge your feet in a special wellness program.
 Manicure with hand bath
45.00 €
 Nail Polish
10.00 €
 Vinoble detox body pack30 minutes
43.00 €
 Vinoble salt and grape seed peeling25 minutes
37.00 €
Hay pack20 minutes
37.00 €
An extensive scientific paper on the essential oil, coumarin, (the active ingredient in hay) was written by H. Römmelt for the Institute of Medical Balneology and Climatology at the University of Munich. The article revealed that 80 to 90% of the coumarin was lost under conventional hay pack steaming. If the hay is first soaked in water and then later warmed after its application to the body, approximately 70% of the hay coumarin remains in an aqueous phase, thus preserving it and making it available for therapeutic use in relieving muscle tension.
 Lymphatic drainage50 minutes
80.00 €
Lymphatic drainage40 minutes
70.00 €
Manual therapy and massage increases lymph flow with each movement, especially while undergoing a manual lymphatic drainage. Not only is manual lymphatic drainage a fundamental tool in manual therapy, but it also has other functions in practicing physical medicine. Common indications for lymphatic drainage therefore cover a broad spectrum including the treatment of edema. Enormous relief is possible for varicose veins, and the associated swelling or edema. After a mastectomy, (breast surgery) secondary arm lymphedema can also be successfully treated. Other applications include congestive respiratory diseases, nerve pain, swelling after injury, eye bags and pregnancy. The after effects of severe illness or surgery are also indicated...
 Classic partial massage 25 minutes
45.00 €
Classic full body massage 40 minutes
65.00 €
Through the soothing effects and general improvement to blood circulation in the skin and muscles, its area of application is very broad. A trained massage therapist is capable of can, by means of special techniques, loosen tight muscle groups and strengthen flabby muscles. In combination with improved nutrition and tissue detoxification, each cell benefits, and as a consequence your entire body as well. In the treatment of various diseases, this type of massage shows its proverbial restorative qualities.
 Classic full body massage50 minutes
72.00 €
 Reflexology 20 minutes
40.00 €
Reflexology 40 minutes
60.00 €
Like most other massage, reflexology is also completely pain-free –after treatment in fact, you will notice a distinct improvement in well-being.
This special form of massage works exclusively on the feet. Even the old folk healers using natural medicine were aware of the eminent importance of healthy feet, with the saying: “cool head and warm feet will make every doctor poor!”
All organs, joints and body parts are treatable via your feet. Experienced therapists can read your feet like a map to reveal potential weaknesses and can fix blockages, relieve tension and energize your entire body through special treatments. Using specific applications of these massages will assist in preventing sickness and alleviating both acute and chronic pain. This type of therapy works wonders in treating ailments including post surgical digestion problems, bladder infections, kidney disease, lung disease and migraines.
Full body massage with warm lava stones50 minutes
100.00 €

Origins of hot stone

Hot stones were used in East Asia as early as 200 BC to alleviate and even cure various diseases. However, this healing method was not only developed in Asia, but was also practiced throughout the Americas and the Pacific. Medical practitioners such as shamans were already familiar with the power of hot stones. Evidence shows that the art of healing stones was also once familiar to the peoples of northern Europe. The harmonizing effects of this age-old tradition bring clarity and vitality to the body and spirit.

Benefits of Hot Stone Treatment:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduction of stress and nervousness
  • Increase the mobility of the musculoskeletal system
  • Strengthening of the tissues and vessels by temperature stimuli
  • Stimulation of metabolism - removal of waste products
  • Screening for colds
  • Promotion of digestion and detoxification
  • Release of blocked energy in the meridians
  • Effective for insomnia, gynecological problems and circulatory disorders
Spa-Suite Luxury Bath
170.00 €
Treat yourself to a relaxing bath in our Spa Suite with orange oil under a starry sky. Afterwards, receive a gentle massage with soothing aromatic oils, and finally heighten this luxurious experience by treating yourself to 130 minutes of togetherness in a waterbed while drinking champagne and eating sweet fruit.
Spa-Suite Wellness
120.00 €
Treat yourself to a relaxing wellness bath in a romantic atmosphere in our Spa Suite. Enjoy 90 minutes of togetherness in an orange oil bath, drinking champagne under a starry sky and afterwards relax in a waterbed while eating sweet fruit.